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Cultural Heritage

JG Doppelmayr - Celestial Globe 1728. - British Library

"If you're going to photograph an object, capture it once"

​One of the biggest challenges that faces museums and archives is cataloguing extensive collections for future research and study.

If you are going to photograph an object or garment capture it just once, comprehensively, you can then decide if you need 2D, 360° or a full 3D digital model.

From a single 4 minute shoot using Cyreals rig you can create:

  • Multiple 2D images at full resolution

  • 360° view 

  • MP4 or GIF for social media

  • 3D digital models that can be measured, 3D prionted or viewed in AR or VR.

Cyreal's system simply plugs into your existing workflow. Use your own existing studio equipment and cameras, just add our software and turntable and you can create 360° rotations  and 3D digital models in your studio.

Queen Elizabeth 1 Prayerbook. - British Library



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