3D digitisation for the Fashion

Why create 360° images for Fashion?

360° photography enables fashion brands to tackle some of their biggest challenges: increased online competition, demand from customers for a more engaging experience, and rising rates of returns on items.  Cyreal’s 360° services will provide you with stunning high quality resolution images which can be easily used on your website, social media channels and other platforms.

Start simply, display your garments and accessories in 360° detail. Our system plugs into your existing workflow. Use your own existing studio equipment and cameras, just add our software and turntable and you can create 360° rotations in your studio.

From a single 20 second shoot, you can create:

  • Multiple 2D images at full resolution

  • 360° view of your collection

  • Convert your 360°'s to MP4 or GIF for social media

Augmented Reality in Fashion and Retail

Technology is changing fast, the internet has shifted to mobile and new technology is being introduced  that gives users the ability to view everything from furniture to fashion in Augmented Reality. 

AR makes sense for furniture retailers because you can see  a virtual copy of the sofa you want to buy in your own living room before you buy.  But why would you need AR for fashion?

Early "virtual mirrors" were at best clunky trying to overlay a 2D image on top of your reflection. But today a number of companies are developing self build 3D avatars that are accurate. You can easily create a virtual body that matches your exact shape and size, these virtual bodies can then "wear" 3D scans of clothes. All this from the comfort of your own home. Its no longer necessary to to order 2 or 3 sizes hoping it will fit this reduces shop returns and increases your profits. To read more about one of the companies creating virtual avatars. Click here.


Also read more about AR and retailing.  Click here for article.

Retailer ?

Contact us to get and see how easy it is to help your customers find the right size and fit.


Live Model 360° Photographed for Jacqueline Loekito at London Fashion Week 2019

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Fashion Accessories in 360°

Franklin Bag photographed in 360 ° for C1209

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Shoes photographed in 360 ° at London Fashion Week for Tabitha Ringwood and Mathew Duffy

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Tessara  Bag photographed in 360 ° at London Fashion Week for Gayeon Lee

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