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Muti camera control integrated with Cyreals turntable for a "One click photogrammetry." photo by jeff krotz (2).JPG
the film

Cyreal develop software that manages the 3D capture process end to end.


The software platform is designed for ease of use and provides a “one button” approach to data capture. 

Turntable, multiple cameras and studio lights are all controllable from a single  computer interface.

Modular - Start simply

For simple 3D capture we can supply just a computer controlled turntable and software that integrates with most professional cameras.  If you want to control your studio lights from the same interface,  simply add the feature.


3D Photogrammetry

With the addition of Cyreals background and lighting rig, studios can capture accurate repeatable data sets that are suitable for archive quality 3D digital modelling using photogrammetry. This technique is used extensively in the heritage market and is emerging in the Fashion and Retail industries. photo by jeff krotz (34).JPG

Advanced Features

Cyreal have developed multi camera focus stacking.​ This combines multiple images taken at different focus distances to create images with a greater depth of field.  The models created using ths method can be exceptional detailed.

Screenshot 2021-01-09 124834.png

Reverse engineering garments

Our software wizards have created a process to extract the pattern from existing garments. This then allows the recreation of garments in fashion software such as Clo3D.

Flexible Configurations

Flexibility is key, fitting with your requirements and budget. The system is designed to be portable, breaking down to fit through standard domestic doors and standard lifts.

Process Ready Photographs

The software produces a structured set of photographs ready to process via your platform of choice into 3D models.

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