Cyreal develops scanning systems for the creation of easy and accurate 3D digital models.  Our systems enable you to display your items as highly accurate 3D digital models. As a trusted provider to some of the world’s most prestigious and well-known  organisations, we pride ourselves on delivering consistently high quality services.

What services do we offer?

We provide an end to end service from, capture, cataloguing and commercialisation. Our  hardware enables you to create your own 3D digital models, or we can  provide professional services. We can provide our team’s services to your door, for the creation of 3D digital models. Whether  objects, accessories, garments or entire collections.


Cyreal develop the systems for the creation of 3D digital models .

Most photographic studios have already invested heavily in cameras

lighting and hardware and we do not believe in adding unnecessary cost.

Where possible we always try to integrate our equipment into your existing workflow.

Photography by Jeff Krotz at Cyreal.com




Cyreal develop software that manages the 3D capture process end to end. The software platform is designed for ease of use and provides a “one button” approach to data capture. 

Turntable, multiple cameras and studio lights are all controllable from a single  computer interface.

Flexible Configurations

Flexibility is key, fitting with your requirements and budget. The system is designed to be portable, breaking down to fit through standard domestic doors and standard lifts.

Process Ready Photographs

The software produces a structured set of photographs ready to process via your platform of choice into 3D models.

3D Photogrammetry

With the addition of Cyreals background and lighting rig, studios can capture accurate repeatable data sets that are suitable for archive quality 3D digital modelling using photogrammetry. This technique is used extensively in the heritage market and is emerging in the Fashion and Retail industries. Alternatively Cyreal can process the data on your behalf, integrating it into our ecommerce platform.

Advanced Features

Cyreal have also developed multi camera focus stacking for the heritage market. For more information on this technology please contact us.

Data Management

The Cyreal software places great emphasis on file structure from the outset, this makes the processing of 3D much simpler. We collect the exact settings during a capture creating an audit trail. It also allows for more accurate reinterpretation and display of the captured data.